n the well-equipped studio in Culemborg, which is on a central spot in the country and well-reachable, workshops are given on a regular basis. Companies and private individuals can go there for a workshop of their likings.

The minimum for a group is six people and a specific knowledge of design in general is not necessary. The workshops are given by Mirjam Jakubowski and René Vlasblom. They both have a lot of experience in teaching and guiding groups. In consultation with the commissioner the goal will be determined or a theme defined.

The length of the workshops varies from a minimum of three hours to a maximum of five to six hours. There is also the possibility to enjoy a delicious lunch in the studio.

A beautiful work of art in your company or experience how a piece of jewellery is made? It’s all possible! The inspiring studio and professional method of both teachers/artists contribute to a wonderful experience.

Are you interested and would you like to know more? In a personal and informal conversation we would like to tell you more about the possibilities clarified by pictures of previous workshops.