Mirjam Jakubowski

“Jewellery that initially focuses on the viewer’s senses”

An instigation to inner movement with the emphasis on the combined action between design and choice of material.The line pattern, which is full of playfulness, gaiety, moderation, simplicity or richness makes the work very distinctive.

Jewellery with a powerful aura!

Mirjam born in 1958 and brought up with Polish and Dutch norms and values. After having gained several teaching qualifications, her interest for expressive arts and design still prominently existed. During the end of the eighties she decided to make space for her love for art alongside her teaching activities. This resulted in an exciting combination of the visual arts, design and the goldsmith’s trade. Work commissioned by companies and private individuals, expositions in her home country as well as in foreign countries, art events, cultural projects, workshops and lectures in her studio or on location.

Member of the Dutch Designer’s Guild (BNO)
Participant of SIERAAD (JEWELLERY)

Commissioned work

Working in the area of tension between Design and Expressive arts with a final result of: jewellery, promotional gifts, objects, environmental art and workshops and lectures for companies and private individuals. Mirjam Jakubowski exhibits her artwork on a regular basis in art galleries and open air exhibitions. She also participates in art demonstrations and cultural projects, provides workshops and lectures in her own studio and on location.

With a lot of love for the profession and with a great enthusiasm she is continuously searching for new materials and surprising combinations. The jewellery and objects she makes initially focus on the interests and wishes of the viewer. The artwork is distinctive because of its combination of joy, playfulness, a lot of tension and its stylish appearance. It usually tells its own story. The bigger landscape objects, which are mostly executed in heavy metals, like to impress.

Original and accessible artwork, with which the teamwork between design and choice of material fulfils the leading role!