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September 2015:  The launch of Casjèh        


Casjèh Design is the new brand of designers / jewelers René Vlasblom and Mirjam Jakubowski . From their shared studio, they have been working on their own collection prior to the launch of Casjèh. The powerfull individual signatures of Mirjam and René come together in Casjèh Design, perfect harmony in unique jewelry designs.


Classic beauty, sober or opulent design, Casjèh Design stands for unique design captured in timeless elegance. It brings back memories, it unleashes power, It takes your breath away.

Casjèh brings its own twist to the phenomenon of combination rings. The timeless design consists of individual rings. By changing the combination of the rings you
are able to determine the character of the ring completely.

IMG_3015Contemporary Classical collection

Within each design a unique titanium middle ring is the starting point, with or without gemstones, structure and color. The final determination of the atmosphere is created by the addition of rings of gold, silver, titanium with or without zirconium. 

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Contemporary Classical collection

Welcome to the world of the  Mayestic Muse collection

Start your day with an extraordinary feeling of sophistication wearing the distinctive Mayestic Muse jewellery. You’ll feel inspired, feminine, original, energetic and extremely stylish thanks to its powerful appearance. This Jewellery is made especially for today’s self-confident women who live dynamic, passionate lives and truly understand the art of performance. Choose several rings and combine them with your personal sense of style. You’ll see that every combination has a unique layer and is astonishing. Are you ready to expand your horizons and become the world’s muse? Welcome to the magnificent world of Mayestic Muse.

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Mayestic Muse collection